investment property funding: pre-authorized credit limit.

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Compete with cash buyers! Obtain our pre-authorizated credit limit for loan qualification and access to Proof of Credit Letters on qualified properties. Allows faster closing times since credit, background, and ability to pay are confirmed once a year and ahead of individual deals. It may be used for multiple deals in each year. The RFPL investment property funding Pre-Authorized Credit Limit loan is ideal for real estate entrepreneurs who are looking to develop building lots, 1 to 4 Family Non-Owner-Occupied Residential, New or Existing Professional or Medical Offices, Apartments (5+ units) .

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Pre-authorized Credit Limit Description:

Pre-authorized Credit Limits are targeted for builders, contractors, wholesalers, BRRRR investors, and experienced investors who want to have the ability to move quickly and compete with all cash buyers for deals that need quick action and fast money to close. This allows you to be prepared and focus on your deals and not where to find the financing to fund them. RushFire will provide you with a proof of credit to include with your offer. The approval of financing is still subject to the real estate asset being qualified, meeting our LTV requirements. Don’t hesitate and reach out to RushFire today for your pre-authorized line and start growing your business opportunities now.

Property Types

Developed Building lots, Non-Owner Occupied 1-4 Family Residential, Existing Professional or Medical Office, 5+ unit Residential, Apartments

Authorization Amounts

Up to $750,000 

Pre-Authorization Periods

Up to 12 months, renewable annually

Other Items

All deals under pre-authorization require property to be qualified.

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