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When banks can’t help, RushFire Private Lending is here to help by providing fast loan access to hard-money. We can close our loans in days, not weeks. If you need hard money fast, to stay competitive or bridge the gap in other real estate investments, RushFire can help. We invite you to continue reading to learn more about us, our private money loans, and our process, and invite you to call us anytime.

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RushFire Private Lending offers flexible loan qualifications that help support your needs and are designed to meet you where you are in building or developing your real estate investment portfolio. RFPL is committed to fostering partnerships with real estate entrepreneurs, and has made the real estate investor loan process quick and easy. Stay competitive – get in touch with RFPL and find private lenders now!

and nimble funding solutions.

Funding solutions can be as different as our clients and the needs of the real estate investment you’re considering. RushFire Private Lending offers the nimble funding solutions real estate investors need to stay competitive, and to keep moving your investments forward. RushFire’s network of private mortgage lenders can get you the hard money you need – now! RFPL provides multiple loan types to better meet your needs.

A Private Money Lender for Real Estate Purchases, Rehab, Construction, and Bridge Loans.

RushFire Private Lending is a private money lender for non-owner occupied residential and commercial real estate projects. We have flexible lending programs and solutions that can meet the needs of your unique project and our team will work tirelessly to help you finance your transaction and get to work. Our approach focuses on ensuring your project’s success. Whether in evaluating your project’s profitability, walking the job site, or finding the best loan structure, it is the priority of your RushFire team to be with you every step of the way. Our transparent client-based process provides you the opportunity to make the best decision for your business.  

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Loans That Meet Your Needs

We focus on quickly processing your loan request so you can get your deal closed. We are not a bank!  We do our own property evaluations so there is usually no appraisal required. We show you our loan terms before we have you fill out an application so you can decide to proceed or not. We make sure you’re not surprised by disclosing any fees and expenses ahead of time. Our lending terms are flexible  and transparent. We strive to find the best solution for you and your real estate goals by providing commercial investment property loans from a team, and source you can trust.

Reasons Why You Should Borrow From Us:


You want to move FAST and DON’T want to wait for the typical conventional bank loan approval.

We understand that time is money in the real estate business.  Which is why when you contact us, we move quickly to understand your project and your business. We will issue you a term sheet within a day of processing your application. If it is acceptable to you, then we’ll inspect the property, place a value on it and have an approval to you within 48 hours. Most closings can take place within two weeks after you officially agree to the loan terms. We also offer a Pre-Authorization Program which requires you to apply only once a year to receive a pre-authorized limit under which you can do multiple projects. Once approved for this, you only submit the property for qualification. This speeds up and simplifies the process even more! 

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Credit history problems, bankruptcy or are unable to qualify with the bank: private lenders for bad credit.

If you have poor credit, no credit, or a lack of financial reports we can still find a solution for you, with our network of private lenders for bad credit. We focus on the quality the real estate asset you’re acquiring along with your cashflow to ensure you can make interest payments.  We know that things happen that are out of your control which may temporarily damage your credit. Rather than using a low credit score to turn you down, we want to understand the story behind your credit and try to find a way to give you margin for working to get things back on track. We want to help you build back your financial foundation through our lending and your successful completion of your project.  

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Your project does not qualify for conventional financing: hard money real estate loans.

Since we are not a bank and subject to those requirements, we can typically fund deals that banks otherwise wouldn’t. In fact, many banks send us deals they are not able to fund due those requirements. Our  main concern is understanding you as the borrower and the real estate asset your looking to acquire along with your exit strategy. We focus on understanding if you can complete the project profitably and our requirements are much simpler than conventional lending. Let RushFire Private Lending help you find the hard money real estate loans you need to succeed.

Choose The Loan That Works For You:

Compete with cash buyers! Obtain pre-authorization for loan qualification and access to Proof of Credit Letters on qualified properties. Allows faster closing times since credit, background, and ability to pay are confirmed once a year and ahead of individual deals. It may be used for multiple deals in each year. This loan is targeted for real estate entrepreneurs who are looking to develop building lots, 1 to 4 Family Residential-Non-Owner Occupied, New or Existing Professional or Medical Offices, Apartments (5+ units) 

Interested in building wealth through house flipping or rental? Acquire single family or multi-family (2-4 unit) non-owner-occupied properties for rehabilitation and sell, rehabilitation and hold, and forced appreciation of rents. Buy a lot and build a spec house. This loan will fund the purchase and renovations or construction of your project. Your equity can be in cash or in the form of equity in other real estate. Whether you do one or five projects a year, this loan will work for you. RFPL can be a stable and reliable partner you can count on to grow your business.  

Are you a wholesaler?  Do you have a need to use temporary financing to buy time to get to a permanent closing? This loan can work for you. When you’re approaching a deadline to fund a project and your bank is moving too slowly, we can step in to fund your closing or provide the time you need to warehouse the property until the buyer can get his funds lined up. This loan can also be used by investors who have real estate equity and need additional funds to complete a project.  

Build your medical office or apartment complex with our commercial investment property loans! This loan is for borrowers who are building new or acquiring and rehabbing existing commercial office space, medical or apartment buildings to force appreciation or to hold for the long term. We’ll fund the purchase and renovations and then help find long term financing when your rehab or new construction project is complete. We are interested in working with contractors and home builders with a history of successful projects. 

Need temporary financing to fix a cash flow issue? This loan is for businesses or individuals who need funding for commercial purposes and have equity in commercial real estate that can be used as collateral. We can provide liquidity for up to three months. Borrowers may also use other forms of collateral such as stock, bonds, and other liquid assets.    

If one of our standard options doesn’t fit your needs, don’t worry, give us a call and we can tailor a real estate loan specifically for you and your real estate project.  

Business Owners

Do you need money fast to bridge a gap in your cash flow? Get a hard cash loan from RushFire Private Lending using your business’s or personal real estate as collateral.

Real Estate Investors

As a real estate investor and in today’s market you may not have the time to wait for a bank to come through with your funding. Depend on RushFire Private lending for a hard loan.

House Flippers

House flippers have to spend money to make money, but it’cs not always easy to get. A hard cash loan from a private money lender can get you the funding you need, quickly.


Whether you need a residential bridge loan or a commercial real estate loan, the hard money lenders at RushFire Private Lending can help you get funding quickly.

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