investment property funding: commercial bridge loans.

Commercial Real Estate Loans

Do you need temporary financing to fix a cash flow issue with your commercial property in the Salt Lake City, Utah, area? RushFire Private Lending commercial bridge loans are for businesses or individuals who need investment property funding for commercial purposes.

Whether your commercial property is in the medical, hospitality, or professional office our small locally based team of hard money lenders can help you secure the money you need to continue or complete your project.

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Hard Money Lenders for Commercial Real Estate Loans

If you’re a seasoned developer or investor, you know that all too often, projects run into problems, no matter how much experience you have or how careful you are. And when this happens, cash flow can become a problem.

You may have bought an old property that you needed to demolish before rebuilding, or you may have an unspoiled piece of land you’re converting into prime commercial real estate. Whatever the venture, you need money to pay your contractors, purchase materials and try to achieve the return you’re expecting from this project. And when you run short, every day the work is stalled is another day your property is not listed on the market and your expenses increase.

It can get stressful. RushFire Private Lending can help today.

Property Types

5+ Unit Residential, Medical and Professional Office buildings

Loan Amounts

$50,000 to $750,000 

Loan Term

Up to 3 months, extension possible

Loan Pricing and Fees

Interest Rates: Based on Asset Quality & Your Experience

Closing Points: Based on Asset Quality & Your Experience

Loan to Cost & Loan to Value

LTC: up to 100%, LTV: 75% of ARV

Loan Collateral, Resource
& Other

1st Lien, Clear Title, Recourse, Construction Draws, FREE Internal Real Estate Valuation, FREE Project Profit Projection

Hard Money Loans vs. Bank Loans

You may be thinking of turning to a bank for help with financing, and you may have even started down that road. The only problem is that the road is long, opaque, frustrating, and it could be weeks before you get approval — if you even get approved.

In the meantime, come to us for a commercial real estate loan. As long as you have equity in commercial real estate, stocks, bonds or other liquid assets that can be used as collateral, you are a candidate for a hard money loan from a private money lender.

Commercial Bridge Loans in Salt Lake City, Utah

Commercial bridge loans are excellent private money loans for real estate investors or owners of commercial real estate who need short-term loans. Owners and investors who don’t have access to hard money loans are at a disadvantage because they can lose out on deals and fall behind on projects waiting for funding to come through.

A bridge loan — also known as a swing loan — from RushFire Private Lending can often be closed in less than one week, once your application and financial information are submitted. We use technology for an efficient and timely approval process with transparent terms and conditions prior to you spending any money with us.

Our hard money lenders can move as quickly as you need and will find the most efficient way to close your deals so you can secure your investment property funding in time.

When you need a commercial bridge loan for your real estate investment project in the Salt Lake City, Utah, area, depend on a hard money loan from RushFire Private Lending.

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