who is rushfire…hard money lenders for real estate investors.

RushFire Private Lending is a privately owned non-traditional real estate finance company powered by technology. We provide asset-based financing for real estate entrepreneurs wholesaling, developing, and rehabilitating real estate within the state of Utah. We focus on wholesale short-term, single-family residential rehab, residential new construction, multi-family new construction, residential and commercial bridge loans, and other similar financing structures. 

RushFire leverages our extensive investor network to fund entrepreneurial teams and creative businesses who need unique solutions. In turn, we drive business and create more value within the communities we serve through lending.

our mission…

To ensure real estate and construction entrepreneurs’ profitability by utilizing creative funding solutions to move projects forward.

where we operate…

We currently operate solely in the great state of Utah. RushFire is about partnering with people focused on transforming our local communities through trust, speed, and the strengthening of the entrepreneurial spirit. RushFire Private Lending is a partnership you can trust. If you need to find hard money lenders for real estate investments, then you’ve found the place. RushFire Private Lending welcomes your business, and we will do whatever we can to help you succeed. Your success is our goal!

our vision…

To become the market leading private lender in Utah by being the financial partner of enterprising real estate business who are transforming our communities. 

our code of ethics

RushFire is leading the way in private lending practices. We Believe in community enrichment through financial independence. Through a collaborative approach, it is our philosophy to provide efficient service while building loyalty, trust, and long-term relationships.

RushFire Private Lending is committed to providing the best service to borrowers. We have adopted the
American Association of Private Lenders’ Code of Ethics, which are based on principles of duty, fairness,
and responsibility

  • RushFire Private Lending will adhere to all laws with respect to services in which they are engaged including but not limited to: all lending, fund-raising, and loan servicing.
  • RushFire Private Lending will not discriminate against potential or actual borrowers based on their sex, age, race, sexual orientation, or religion. 
  • RushFire Private Lending will be honest and forthright in all their dealings with their borrowers, investors, financiers, service providers, and the association. 
  • RushFire Private Lending’s loan offering terms will not be changed from the original proposed terms without just cause. Our lending practices reflect our integrity and no “Bait & Switch” lending practices are tolerated. All borrower’s fees are disclosed and committed prior to loan closing. 
  • When originating a loan, it is RushFire Private Lending’s desire to see the loan succeed and perform in accordance to the agreed upon terms. At no time will RushFire originate a loan based solely on the desire to see the recipient fail with the express intention of obtaining title to the property. 
  • Advertisements for products and services shall be truthful and will adhere to all laws, specifically defined through the Truth-in-Advertising Act under the FTC. 
  • RushFire Private Lending will respect the intellectual property rights of others and will comply with applicable laws and regulations related to copyrights, trademarks, patents, and trade secrets.

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common goals. ethics and values you can trust.

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