investment property funding: residential bridge loans.

Investor Residential Bridge Loans

Are you a Salt Lake City, Utah, wholesaler? Do you need temporary financing to buy time to get to a permanent closing? Come to our residential bridge loan lenders at RushFire Private Lending.

When you’re approaching a deadline to fund a project and your bank is moving too slowly, we can step in to fund your closing or provide you the time you need to warehouse the property until the buyer can get their funds lined up.

Residential Bridge Loans Rehab and hold before and after

Get Your Hard Money Loan Fast

Time is money in today’s economy and waiting for banks or others to come through with funding for your project can cost you big bucks. It’s not fair, and it puts you behind. You are the best person to determine the level of risk you are comfortable with, not a third party.

Banks can take weeks — or longer — to get you the money you need to move forward with your purchase or project in Salt Lake City, Utah. But you don’t always have time to wait for the bank to go through all your financials and wait for their weekly loan committee before they can give you a decision. 

As hard money lenders, RushFire Private Lending can help. Our small Salt Lake City based team of residential bridge loan lenders can step in and get you the funding you need in a as little as one week. That’s because we use a technology-based approval process to review your application, project and valuation of your real estate asset. — our chief concerns are collateral— the value of the property you need funding for, cash equity, and your desire to execute the project within the timeline you’ve defined.

Hard Money Loans for Utah Investors

What if you’re an investor who’s in the middle of a project and has some unforeseen expenses, but all your cash is tied up in your investments? You don’t want your project to sit dead in the water while you scramble around trying to raise funding.

RushFire Private Lending investment property funding is perfect for investors who have real estate equity but need additional funds to complete a residential project. Investor residential bridge loans are excellent private money loans for managing wholesale inventory, double closing needs and other short-term loan purposes.

This type of hard money loan, or swing loan, typically is one week to three months and can often be closed within five days if your application information is ready and organized for review.

Our small Salt Lake City based team of residential bridge loan lenders can move as quickly as you need and will find the safest and most efficient way to close your deals so you can secure your asset and price while waiting for a buyer. In some cases, RushFire may be able to connect you with a buyer utilizing our customer base of hard money lenders.

Property Types

Non-Owner Occupied 1-4 Family Residential

Loan Amounts

$50,000 to $750,000

Loan Term

Up to 3 months, extension possible

Loan Pricing and Fees

Interest Rates: Based on Asset Quality & Your Experience

Closing Points: Based on Asset Quality & Your Experience

Loan to Cost &
Loan To Value

LTC: up to 100%; LTV: up to 75% ARV

Loan Collateral, Recourse
&  Other

1st Lien, Clear Title, Recourse, Construction Draws, FREE Internal Real Estate Valuation, FREE Project Profit Projection

Partner with RushFire Private Lenders

Additionally, once you form a good working relationship with our private money lending company, you can count on your team leader to help you with future projects. We love working with real estate investors and others in Salt Lake City and all of northern Utah.

If you want to have access to efficient and reliable financing as a residential or commercial real estate developer or investor, talk to the experienced, locally based, professional team at RushFire Private Lenders about a commercial real estate loan.

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