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For those investors who are in need of a financial support for their real estate business, one option that might be considered is a hard money loan. Funded by private investors rather than a bank, hard money loans are a great way of obtaining short-term funds, whether for a new construction project, a home-flip or other real estate investment need.

At RushFire Private Lending, we’re here to offer hard money loans to real estate investors. fromlow volume and high volume home flippers to other real estate investors, new home builders and many others. We assist clients with every step of this process, including the application and request process – which, by the way, is simpler and less complex than applying for a traditional loan, and requires less information from you, the borrower. This two-part blog series will go over some basics on how to get started with requesting a hard money loan.

Who Hard Money Loans Are For

First and foremost, for any who are unaware, hard money loans are generally obtained from a private individual or company, rather than from a bank. They come with different approval thresholds and time periods, generally capable of being approved much faster because terms are negotiated directly between lender and borrower, rather than being based on credit score or other requirements.

For this reason, hard money loans are ideal for many different borrower types, including real estate investors and house flippers, investment properties, bridge or new construction loans, self-employed business owners, and several others. Many of these individuals or entities have situations that are more complex than a bank prefers to deal with, and they also often need money quickly – hard money loans are ideal here.

How do you get this process started? Our next several sections will dig in.


First and foremost, it’s important that all your prudent financial information required for this process be documented and well-organized. While it’s true that requirements for these loans are less strict than conventional bank loans, your RushFire Private Lending team member will still need to know several details about you and your real estate financing needs to help begin your loan file. If your financial records, tax records, cash equity sources or legal entity documents are in disorder or haven’t been organized, this should be your first step prior to requesting a hard money loan.

Developing a Relationship

Down related lines, it pays to develop a relationship with a hard money lender early in the process. This may be done by you, the borrower, or by meeting a RushFire team member at a local investor association meeting – or some combination therein. Learn about the information they’ll require from you and their preferred method of communication – this means that when it’s actually time for you to send loan requests, the relationship will already be established and there won’t be a feeling-out period of any kind.

For more on how to navigate the hard money request process, or to learn about any of our hard money lending services, speak to Mario Quintero at RushFire Private Lending today.



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